The “Arena” of Family Court – here’s a lawyer saying it…


Here is a compelling article from the NJ Law Journal by an attorney named Cathryn A. Mitchell, entitled The Custody Evaluation: Family Law’s Dirty Little Secret. I was astonished when I first read this article. Here was a lawyer saying it, talking about the “arena” of Family Court and a cottage industry that leaves these unscrupulous attorneys and custody evaluators open to tort suits and reprimand for ethics violations. I spoke with Ms. Mitchell, who immediately said, “The first thing you should know is that a custody battle is a form of domestic violence meant to destabilize the custodial parent.” She went on to say that she got a lot of backlash from the legal community for writing this. She also recounted an unfortunate story about a woman who was in a custody battle and was so distraught that she went to the parking lot of the law firm representing her ex-husband, pasted the legal papers all over her car, and committed suicide inside the car.


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