Protest in Support of Campaign to Impeach Judge Escandon

On Monday, October 21st, a protest was held in support of a collective of women who are campaigning to have Monmouth County Family Court Judge Paul Escandon¬†impeached. Women and men from various places in the Tri-State area came out to protest and speak about how children are being harmed, raped, sodomized, and murdered as a result of family court corruption. Speakers such as Barry Goldstein talked about how the courts are using outdated and discredited practices as documented by the U.S. Department of Justice’s report by Dr. Daniel Saunders. Mr. Goldstein implored Trenton and D.C., stressing the dire need for a congressional oversight hearing. Despite the peaceful demonstration for a cause one would think is a no-brainer, the organizers of the protest were met with harassment from the police. And despite the plea to Governor Christie in this huge Star Ledger ad, neither he nor anyone from his office was there. Remind me again why I should vote to re-elect this guy?

Monmouth Protest - Star Ledger


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  1. Mr.Jeff Gray says:

    I agree with those calling for Judge Escandon and others,to be impeached.He’s neither ethically or professionally fit to sit on the bench.

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