The U.S. Refusal to Join Unicef’s Convention on the Rights of the Child

What Is and What Should Never Be

Syrian Civil War girl     NYHQ2014-1012cropUnicef Photo of the Year 2013

Child Bride India     Turkish girl

Two beautiful little girls, both surrounded by flowers, under very different circumstances…

Kids in Park

Why is the U.S. Against Children’s Rights?

“Recently the U.N. special representative on violence against children called on member countries to ratify two optional protocols to the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child which would help prevent the sale of children, child prostitution, child pornography and the involvement of children in armed conflict around the world. The Convention was adopted in 1989 to promote basic human rights for children everywhere, but the latest effort to extend those protections underscores a disturbing truth: the United States is one of only two U.N. member countries not to have ratified the original Convention (the other country is Somalia — which doesn’t have a functioning government.) The Convention was drafted during the Reagan and Clinton administrations — with a great deal of influence from the United States — but has never been presented to the Senate for consent, which is the final step to ratification. Why?”…read more

Unicef’s Convention on the Rights of the Child

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