The War on Mothers, Parts 1 and 2 – by Barry Goldstein

War on Mothers

The War on Mothers, Part 1:

“To treat people who are fundamentally different or in different circumstances as if they were the same is unfair and should be stopped. The problem is that this false equivalency is easy to miss and there are often abusive and manipulative people who seek to take advantage of it. In fairness this false equivalency also is allowed to continue because good people are unconscious of these violations. This applies to many areas of our lives, but let me start with criminal law and self-defense.”… more

The War on Mothers, Part 2:

“At least 40 states and many judicial districts have created court-sponsored gender bias committees. Although they have used widely varied approaches and strategies over a few decades, they have all found substantial gender bias against women. In earlier studies there was a focus on unwanted touching and inappropriate requests for dates or sex. This was almost entirely something men did to women. This type of blatant sexism is now rare in the courts, but the more subtle bias against women litigants, particularly protective mothers is common and the courts have failed to take effective steps to prevent it.”….read more


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