6 Responses to Karin Wolf Files Federal RICO Amended Complaint Against Gov. Chris Christie, et al., July 6, 2015 – Names Fatherhood Initiative, AFCC, and the Estate of Richard Gardner for Sex-based and Class-based Discrimination Against Women and Children

  1. Yes tell them no more Your HONOR,
    You are receiving this letter to let you know that your performance in handling our children s future has been reorganized as one of merit. We are the thousands of families who have watched as you decided we were not able to love and raise our children within our own families, so you decided to place them in a strange family who was paid handsomely to raise them. You have been given the Title of YOUR HONOR and we came to your court expecting you to act Honorably.
    We, as the people of the United States, have the right to expect Honor in our courts and the trust that we place in that court should be first and foremost of preservation. Your actions in your court have been found to be in contempt of the very people you serve , and have been found instead to serve a people that tell YOU what to do. How is this possible that a person such as yourself, would choose to “honor” the words of people who depend on money when your decision is in their favor, over the children who are helpless and should have been “honored” as it is their future and lives that may well be destroyed. This makes no sense to us and only acts as proof that you are a very important reason our courts no longer have the integrity , vital to all people’s. We have included the definition of honor for you: HONOR.”.honesty, fairness or integrity in ones beliefs and actions: to hold in high respect for worth , merit , or rank.”, and also looked up Integrity which is defined as “Adherence to moral and ethical principles: soundness of moral character: honesty , the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished: to preserve the integrity of the empire.”
    Because you have been placed in our data base of people that are helping to bring down America through your lack of conscious, and integrity, as you serve a body of people who depend on your decisions for their paychecks, we have concluded that you have NO HONOR and should not be addressed in this way. Along with labeling our children for the rest of their lives, lack of concern for what it does to them,reserving that decision for the poorest of us, and your failure to seek the truth, WE welcome you to our data base. We will continue to expose Judges like you as we have looked to you for far too long, and we the people have the right to demand justice for our children and ourselves.
    Finally we are including the definition of Lawyer for you as well as we know you must not know it. It means TRUTH SEEKER. Until we can stop the corruption in our courts and the bad people that run them, we suggest you reread your oath and constitution, and at least act like you care about other human beings.
    Until Then…SHAME
    A grandmother in Missouri

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  3. Excellent! Where did you come from? It is frightening how much we are of like mind..and I mean everything you have addressed is spot on to where my head has been and wanting to articulate ..so it’s as though I have seen it manifest through reading your work… and I must say, quite refreshing to read and know someone out there gets it and is utilizing their knowledge and using that as your greatest weapon. Nice work. It is such a trip that you are Wonder Woman as well because people call me that as well, as I would wear the “garb of justice” to political rallies before being thrown into the Lion’s Den of the Crime Family Court. 😉 Can you tell me how your actions were remedied or how they have responded to your filings? Thank you so much! You’re a blessing!

    • Wonder Woman says:

      Since filing the RICO complaints, seven judges that were named as defendants have either “retired” or were “moved.” We got the FBI involved and several of the judges were caught by the Feds in a foreclosure scheme. We have pulled the Federal complaint from the U.S. District Court in New Jersey for prejudice, as everything here is so incestuous in the courts. We are filing a new class-action suit soon. See our sister site Mothers Civil Liberties Union at http://www.mothersclu.org (Facebook and Twitter too) and New Jersey Coalition for Family Court Reform on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/New-Jersey-Coalition-for-Family-Court-Reform-285234661657076/?fref=ts

      • Ang says:

        I am probably quite behind… where are things at with the RICO…? how did you get the FBI2 involved and are they doing anything??? I could be added to your case under the others similarly situated…. I just brought a RICO also in North Dakota federal court.

  4. Ang says:

    How were you able to get the F.B.I involved??? Have you filed the new class action lawsuit yet? If so, how is that going? I too have been burnt severely by family court and am trying to get my youngest daughter back who has been held captive by my ex with the aid of his attorney and the judge. Amy other info on this and the stepsychological to take would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!

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