Children kidnapped by the State of New Jersey and given to an abuser. Think it can’t happen to you?

Mother had originally obtained a fault-based divorce for domestic violence under N.J.S.A. 2A:34-2(c) – Extreme Cruelty (see below), against Edward Crane, which rendered the case res judicata, yet he sought revenge for her leaving him and waged a campaign of harassment against her for years, culminating in an abusive, post-divorce custody battle that eradicated bargained-for terms of the Property Settlement Agreement and Mom’s Custody Order.

A matter held against the U.S. Constitution:

The Constitution declared “suspended” in the Bergen County Court by Judge Donald R. Venezia.

Egregious due process and civil rights violations.

Contempt of court by Judge Gerald S. Escala and Judge Victor Ashrafi.

Procedural fraud by Peter Van Aulen, Esq., who admitted to the U.S. Court for the Third Circuit, that he falsified evidence in another case (Carrascosa) and that he had a brain hemorrhage in yet another (Rieger).

Corrupt custody evaluator and quid pro quo kick back queen Dr. Judith Brown Greif.

Bribery of Judge Gerald C. Escala, notorious for foreclosure fraud and taking a bribe in the Denike v. Cupo case.

Mother denied thousands (est. over 100K) in child support. Mother bankrupted. UCCJEA violations. Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) violations.

False ‘parental alienation’ claims used to cover up domestic violence, child abuse and neglect (via pro-pedophile Richard Gardner’s highly-controversial, pseudoscientific theory PAS, which has been rejected repeatedly by American Psychological Association; and fails Daubert and Frye standards).

Mother marginalized without a legitimate basis, trying to protect her kids. Kids denied in camera interview with judge.

Mother’s attorney dismissed by court, literally 15 minutes before trial (no kidding).

Fault-based divorce for domestic violence under N.J.S.A. 2A:34-2(c) – Extreme Cruelty:


Karin Wolf’s children must be returned to her immediately. She is the only one with legitimate parentage and lawful custody her children. Every day they are not returned to their mother is criminal. Mother and children have not seen each other in over a year. Two kids illegally taken from their primary caregiver and protective mother Karin Wolf, by the Bergen County Family Court, State of New Jersey.

Kids are now being brainwashed. Unfortunately, this is a common formula of the misogyny present in the family courts.

Warning to all New Jersey mothers – Leave New Jersey with your kids and don’t give the State of New Jersey any jurisdiction in your family court case. There’s a war on the sanctity of the mother-child bond.

Know the facts – visit the Facebook page for New Jersey Coalition for Family Court Reform and for details, including the class-action RICO lawsuit filed with the Federal Court, naming all women and children similarly situated, and citing hundreds of civil rights violations and sex-based discrimination against women by the State of New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie, DCP&P, and the NJ Judiciary, all of whom are using taxpayer dollars to defend their criminal actions and making false claims to the federal government under Title IV.

Media coverage:

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