Paul Boyne files hilarious motion in federal court

“There is no good cause in AMERICA to keep evidence of fucking tyranny and court misconduct hidden from public scrutiny.”


Click the above photo for full document.


“The undersigned moves to unseal the caption cases and all related information to allow public scrutiny of what is purely malfeasance of fucking idiot state actors abusing the federal criminal justice system to affect judicial retaliation from the state level, in deprivation of rights under 18 USC §241 and a plethora of other offenses of office. Such concealed conduct to be very un AMERICAN, requiring exposure on the grandest scale. The magistrates themselves are a direct target of such scrutiny as it is becoming obvious that no probable causes exist to support claim of criminal conduct under statues cited by the speech police. The traitorous magistrates themselves having freely abandoned their judicial duties in act of treason.”

“As members of the Connecticut State General Assembly have voiced public concern of judicial retaliation by the evil twisted judges of the Family Court, the public has cause to examine the files held by the Star Chamber and its little brother Fusion Center. Democracy and liberty die in darkness.”

“Wherefore, the aforementioned presented, the government holding no compelling interest to silence political speech, all files relating to FBI Tutti’s terroristic activities must be unsealed so the public and elected representatives of Connecticut can scrutinize the misconduct at hand. The matter to be assigned to a real federal judge as the incompetent magistrates, having abandoned duty, being domestic enemies of the Constitution are unable to protect the rights of the people nor execute their oaths of office and so undermine the integrity of the court in deference to the people.”

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