Judges de Sade

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Judge Escala ignored evidence of child abuse and domestic violence and gave custody to the abusive father despite mother being fit and the primary caregiver, and having previously obtained a fault-based divorce for Extreme Cruelty. Protective mother accused of the infamous Parental Alienation, a misogynistic, unscientific “theory” fabricated by Richard Gardner and repeatedly rejected by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) for inclusion in the The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) . Gardner wrote that the punishments meted out to pedophiles are “Draconian.”


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Safe Kids International:

Bergen County New Jersey Judge Gerald Escala disregarded evidence of physical and emotional abuse and neglect of the children and serious violence against the mother and granted sole custody to the abusive father.

PM Karin was, as usual in Court Licensed Abuse cases, falsely accused of Parental Alienation and has been barred from any contact with her children. Little Daniel and Gretchen desperately want to be back with their loving, protective mother.

Judge Mizdol is well aware of this case since at the last hearing the lawyers had a private consultation with Judge Escala in his chambers after which they went and spoke with Judge Bonnie Mizdol. Mom’s lawyer never returned to the courtroom and Judge Escala declared she was off the case, leaving Karin stranded without an attorney. This smacks of collusion and is highly unethical.

Please help save the kids by calling Presiding Judge Mizdol at (201) 527-2518.

PM Karin is a core activist in the Children’s Justice Campaign.

*Maternal deprivation in and of itself is a serious form of abuse. Research supports how important the primarily bonded mother is to the healthy development of children, not to mention the pain the children feel upon being ripped from their mothers arms.


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  1. Melissa Barnett says:

    My exhusband works for Merrill Lynch in the Napa Valley. When we first married he was the manager he now runs the philanthropic accounts. He has won custody despite the evidence of abuse. His hearsay testimony trumps evidence and witness statements he has been paying a minors council for her help in getting custody and keeping the child now 13 from testifying. Please contact me. His attorney Pat McGrath a well known Father rights attorney now has a job working for Bank of America. Hundreds of thousands have been spent on this custody case. Merrill Lynch refused to invesigate the impropriety, moral and ethical issues of a Merrill Lynch Manager posting nude photos of himself on Craigs list to meet men and women for sex. He defrauded the welfare system and interfered with my Merrill Lynch Accounts.

  2. arron says:

    Gerald escalla is the rubber stamp for all the fraudulent banksters that come to court in Bergen
    county new jersey with manufactured documents to steal homeowners homes and this judge
    always rule for them, and award them homes of people while ignoring facts, laws and expert testimony’s.

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