Did Greenspan effectuate his own thesis?

Alan Greenspan portrait

Alan Greenspan theorized a housing bubble. Did he deliberately cause it, resulting in the destruction of the U.S. economy?

“In 1977, Greenspan obtained a PhD degree in economics from New York University. His dissertation is not available from the university since it was removed at Greenspan’s request in 1987, when he became Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. However, in April 2008, Barron’s obtained a copy, and notes that it includes “a discussion of soaring housing prices and their effect on consumer spending; it even anticipates a bursting housing bubble”.”  – Wikipedia  

Dr. Greenspan’s Amazing Invisible Thesis

Looking at Greenspan’s Long-Lost Thesis

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Family Court and the Foreclosure Crisis

Foreclosure  NJ Coalition for Family Court Reform

NJ Coalition for Family Court Reform

Our mission is to inspire fellow constituents to take action, demanding transparency and accountability within our family courts.

My father used to say, when something doesn’t make sense, there’s money or sex involved. Judges behaving badly – Diane Hathaway, ex-Michigan Supreme Court Judge, sentenced to prison for fraud and Judge Wade McCree having sex in his chambers with litigant.

And yes, there is a link between the foreclosure crisis and family court corruption. After the damage they do creating ‘conflict for cash,’ siphoning off their victims’ money, assets, college funds, etc. in family court, lawyers and judges are frauding the U.S. government, siding with predatory lenders, and causing insured loan defaults, driving insurance payouts up.

Another method is orchestrated by siding with litigants in the banking industry in family court cases for dubious financial gain and ex-parte dealings behind closed doors. The abusive father of the children listed below, works as an executive for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, who has just been sued for predatory lending, again.

Here are the other lawsuits plaguing Bank of America and a recent Federal ruling in NYC.

And by the way, Alan Greenspan theorized the housing bubble, then set it in motion.

Escala Escala in court

It’s no coincidence that Judge Gerald C. Escala of the Bergen County Court is handling both mortgage cases and family court cases. This judge has been known to boast about his “legacy” on the bench. Litigants have sued him for corruption and filed to have him impeached. He was chided by the NJ Supreme Court for accepting a post-retirement job offer from a law firm representing one of the litigants before him. As a result, NJ revamped the court rules and imposed stiffer strictures on sitting judges.

However, NJ is so corrupt that it actually recalled this judge and put him back on the bench.

As my father also used to say, “A white man in America can get away with anything.” This coming from a white man himself.

Judge chided for seeking job from lawyers in trial:

“Escala’s conduct created an appearance of impropriety and “fell short of the high standards demanded of judges and fellow members of the legal profession and had the capacity to erode the public’s trust,” wrote Rabner.” Read more

Predatory lending victim:

“Judge Gerald Escala New Jersey Superior Court Bergen Chancery sued for six counts including corruption and conspiracy”

“An Asian-American businessman Atoo Heera Sakhrani sues purported ‘Judge’ Gerald Escala, the presiding ‘judge’ in the New Jersey Chancery Court in Bergen County, New Jersey, for 6 Counts including corruption, fraud, conspiracy and being a Bonus Partner in helping the unscrupulous Mortgage Broker, Title Agent, Insurance Companies and Lending Institutions cover up their crimes at the expense of innocent people. A major component of the lawsuit is that purported ‘Judge’ Gerald Escala is aiding and abetting the mortgage lenders and their attorneys in predatory lending practices schemes to steal the property from unsuspecting minorities (e.g., Asian-American senior citizen)…”Read more

Escala Impeachment Petition

Woman cheated out of inheritance:

“Today, I have lost my home, have lost the rental car I was living out of, and, unless a miracle occurs, I will be a 62 year old disabled woman living on the streets…”Read more

Judge Escala hands custody to abusive father who is a NYC executive for Bank of America Merrill Lynch

IMG_0656 IMG_0657

Purple Crayon_Page_1Purple Crayon_Page_2

Judge Escala ignored evidence of child abuse and domestic violence and gave custody to the abusive father despite mother being fit and the primary caregiver, and having previously obtained a fault-based divorce for Extreme Cruelty. The Court allowed the father to hide income and assets and avoid paying tens of thousands in child support. Protective mother falsely accused of the infamous Parental Alienation, a misogynistic, unscientific ‘theory’ fabricated by Richard Gardner and repeatedly rejected by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) for inclusion in the The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Gardner wrote that the punishments meted out to pedophiles are “Draconian.” It’s also no coincidence that 60% of the world’s child pornography comes from the U.S. and that organizations like DCP&P (formerly DYFS) have been sued for subverting abuse. Herein lies the vehicle.

Safe Kids International:

Bergen County New Jersey Judge Gerald Escala disregarded evidence of physical and emotional abuse and neglect of the children and serious violence against the mother and granted sole custody to the abusive father.

PM Karin was, as usual in Court Licensed Abuse cases, falsely accused of Parental Alienation and has been barred from any contact with her children. Little Daniel and Gretchen desperately want to be back with their loving, protective mother.

Judge Mizdol is well aware of this case since at the last hearing the lawyers had a private consultation with Judge Escala in his chambers after which they went and spoke with Judge Bonnie Mizdol. Mom’s lawyer never returned to the courtroom and Judge Escala declared she was off the case, leaving Karin stranded without an attorney. This smacks of collusion and is highly unethical.

*Maternal deprivation in and of itself is a serious form of abuse. Research supports how important the primarily bonded mother is to the healthy development of children, not to mention the pain the children feel upon being ripped from their mothers arms.

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The War on Mothers, Parts 1 and 2 – by Barry Goldstein

War on Mothers

The War on Mothers, Part 1:

“To treat people who are fundamentally different or in different circumstances as if they were the same is unfair and should be stopped. The problem is that this false equivalency is easy to miss and there are often abusive and manipulative people who seek to take advantage of it. In fairness this false equivalency also is allowed to continue because good people are unconscious of these violations. This applies to many areas of our lives, but let me start with criminal law and self-defense.”…..read more

The War on Mothers, Part 2:

“At least 40 states and many judicial districts have created court-sponsored gender bias committees. Although they have used widely varied approaches and strategies over a few decades, they have all found substantial gender bias against women. In earlier studies there was a focus on unwanted touching and inappropriate requests for dates or sex. This was almost entirely something men did to women. This type of blatant sexism is now rare in the courts, but the more subtle bias against women litigants, particularly protective mothers is common and the courts have failed to take effective steps to prevent it.”….read more


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